Girl Guides - Drum & Dance Programming

For the past 5 years we've been bringing empowering drum and dance programming to Girl Guides across Southern Ontario.

Our 3 most popular workshops are Body Percussion, West African Dance and Djembe Drum Circle. For more information email:


Interactive Keynotes & Facilitation for Events

Whether you're focus is team-building, fundraising, or a themed celebration, our cutomizable Keynote presentations are highly engaging. Volunteer participants are supported to drum, dance and play music together, while the audience unites in body percussion. Participants  learn new tools to bring back to the workplace.


Team-Building for your Staff & Volunteers

Experiencing something new together is a great way to foster social bonds and positive experiences that create lasting memories. These workshops are playful, fun and education.

Participants will engage in group warm-ups, ice-breakers, shared rhythms as well as experiencing tools and techniques to calm, relax, re-focus and get the creative juices flowing.

Film projects

We produce film projects that showcase community enhancing initiatives! This 1-min trailer is an example of a short film we recently created with RSO Media. Visit our Lessons Learned page to see the full version (20 min.).

We're interested in filming projects that highlight youth leadership, wellness tools, have a focus on equity and/or foster unlikely connections!

If your organization has an idea, please reach out to us:


Rhythm is for Everyone (RIFE) aims to enhance community vitality and leadership through the arts.  RIFE is a multi-disciplinary organization that celebrates culture and diversity through expressive art forms, and is committed to initiatives that empower people through creative experience. The organization works with students and men & women of all ages to promote individual empowerment and a sense of communal responsibility.  RIFE helps to create a healthy and vibrant community by providing leadership and arts-based programming, and by coordinating events to facilitate social bonding and intercultural exchange. RIFE is committed to respectful exchanges and inclusion of all genders, ages, abilities and ethnicities.