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Bringing Rhythm and Movement to Schools and Non-Profits 

Ancestral Lineage


Growing up living with my Grandma, I heard a wealth of stories of her home in Jamaica and our ancestral lineage, which includes Arawak First Nations of the Caribbean, West Africans brought by force to Jamaica and Scottish importer/exporters.

One thing my ancestors had in common was the cultural importance of drum & dance...



Research studies in classrooms over the past decade have demonstrated what our ancestors already knew. Intervals of movement improves mood, cognitive function, supports social bonding and helps to relieve stress.

We love to be a part of your Music & Dance Curriculum, Wellness Days, electives and staff development.  

Both teachers and students learn new Wellness tools to bring into the classroom!

Equity & Inclusive Education


Rhythm is for Everyone supports children & youth to explore and express through the arts, with the underlying vision of their wellness and empowerment.

 We bring fun & engaging interactive experiences  that focus on the themes of self-exploration, personal expression, promoting inclusion and appreciating cultural differences.


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Customized Programs for Elementary & High School

“Providing opportunities for authentic expressions of our children and youth in a school-community setting will greatly contribute to their self-confidence now and their long-term success as adults. I am truly excited about collaborating with these talented artists and professionals.”

- Dr. Leroy Clarke, PhD, OCT, Equity and Inclusive Education, Durham Catholic District School Board and e-CAMP MENTORing

For over 10 years we've been supporting schools in the YRDSB, DDSB, DCDSB, TDSB, PDSB, KPRWSB and DSBONE. From Body Percussion to West African dance, our programs provide opportunities for self-expression through rhythm and movement. The drum & dances that are taught provide a base vocabulary, while the socio-cultural context and history provide an understanding of how the arts can support us personally and as a collective.

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Our programs focus on providing engaging dance education that fulfills Ontario curriculum requirements, and has students dancing down the halls!

We also offer keynote presentations, drumming and specialized programs to enhance your school's themes and activities.

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Elisha MacMillan BA Hons, CPCC

Elisha MacMillan BA Hons, CPCC is a Sociologist, Certified Co-Active Coach, and Dance Educator. For over 10 years she has taught students in school boards & universities across Ontario how to express and relieve stress through drum and dance. Founder & Director of Rhythm is for Everyone, Elisha uses rhythm and movement as tools that can bring people & cultures together, while celebrating individual uniqueness and diversity.

Her ancestral lineage includes Scottish highlanders, Arawak (Taino) First Nations and West Africans brought to Jamaica. She’s worked on Equity and Inclusive Education projects in YRDSB and DCDSB, and recently completed her first film, “Lessons Learned: Bridging the Gap Between Seniors and Youth.” Elisha studied dance for two decades in Toronto, West Africa, Ethiopia and Brazil and performed professionally for 6 years, touring nationally and internationally. Elisha's work with children and youth is grounded in Wellness, with a focus on self-expression and leadership.